Tuesday, 28 April 2009

All I did was blink twise...

I really like N Dubz... It's worrying me...

Had such a long day! A day of annoyance, mostly at Judy, tiredness, mostly due to Judy pushing me too far, snapping, mostly at Judy and WAY too much singing. Basically, we had 3 full run throughs of our show today and I was tired and faint and my head was banging and Judy was being a twat and I got annoyed and kicked a wall... but then something amazing happened. Just when I was about to burst in to tears a certain beautiful boy runs into E74 and plants the biggest kiss on me i've ever had. Talk about perfect timing.

I've always wanted someone to be romantic and spontanious and just... be there when I needed them. To not make me feel guilty or un important or not worthy. Like I was disposable.

... And now I feel wanted, and needed, and it's nice :)

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