Friday, 10 April 2009

I broke through this hollow shell that once held me so tight I couldn't breathe

Back again!

I had a pretty fab night last night with Big Spoon and Daddy Spoon down the pub! We had candymania and lots of beer.
It was glen times.
What was not glen times however was getting 3 hours sleep last night and consequently feeling like pure shit today. It was nice to have a duvet day though. Luke and I watched last years Rock Show dvd. It was rather amusing!

I dont think i've ever felt this tired in my whole life. So far this week I have worked 32 hours and I am set to work another 8 tomorrow. Then another 32 hours next week. I'm actually shriveling up from too much work! However it does mean I will have enough money to get pierced and to start looking for a prom dress!!

Anyway I'm off to listen to the beautiful Dallas Green and eat profiteroles!

Adios xx

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