Saturday, 25 April 2009

So uninspired, so sick and tired

I feel like I should blog. As it's been a while. So I'l tell you about my day:

7:15am: awake to the sound of my raucus phone alarm, I am awake 15 minutes earlier than I should be so I can wash my hair before my long long day. I have actually only been snoozing for the past few hours due to the STUPIDMOTHERFUCKINGPHEASANTINMYGARDEN. *cough*

7:30am: emerge from the shower, nice and clean, but still not at all awake.

8:30am: Leave for work. Get the bus, find Josie and proceed to talk about our weeks on the way to work. I have not seen her in 2 weeks due to my stupid back problems last week. It was nice to see her again :) I love Josie. I'm going to cry when she goes to Uni and I become the new Molly. If you don't understand the term "new Molly" it's because you're not cool enough to work at Cardew and Co or to know Me, Josie and Molly!

11:00am: Walk down to Alliance and Leister to see Bradderz for a bit and collect the money she owes me for reading tickets. We chat about Nando's. We're going next week with Luke and John. It's going to be pretty damn awesome I think.

13:30pm: leave work early and head to Sainsbury's to buy Costa chocolate milk before heading down to the PlayHouse for todays shows. I am currently doing Follow Spot Operating for Fiddler On The Roof... don't know If I mentioned that in a blog yet...

14:30pm: Matinee starts... I am hot and bored already... I nearly fall asleep... twise...

17:00pm: Me and Jenna go to NoodleNation and get food in the break between matinee and evening shows. We sit on a bench with Beckie and Lucy and have a good old catchup in the sun which is well good. I miss my OYMT biatches.

19:00pm: Me and Ben go for a stroll down to Starbucks and get marshmallow twizzley things. They are basically chocolatey marshmallows on sticks. He buys me one. It's AMAZING.

19:30pm: Evening show begins. I only fall asleep once... but I do forget to Spot Tom whilst he's singing his solo... he sings the first two lines in the dark... I laughed...

22:15pm: Show finishes, I proceed to go hug lots of people and am gifted with a 6 pack of Bud for my hard work this week. I am happy.

23:10pm: I am sat at the computer writing a blog. I'm not quite sure why I wrote it out like this. It's probably very boring to read and I apologise! I am going to go drink Bud and talk to my lovely Luke because I miss him :(

...Just coz I love Frankie's face in this...


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