Friday, 17 April 2009

Same shit, different day.

I know, three blogs in one night, although it is technically saturday now.

I've been thinking alot about a certain pretty lady who used to be a very good friend of mine but isn't so much these days. These thoughts sprouted from a certain photograph on her blog of me and her looking so so happy. I remember that night. It was an amazing night. I miss her alot. I miss how we used to be. I miss how we all used to be.
I hate how much i've hurt her. When I said I never would. I hate how much it hurts her to see me happy. I just hate the tension.

Maybe it will be better after the summer.

I hate feeling so helpless to change things. I wish I could make everything better and everyone happy. I wish...... <3

Ok that's enough moping for one evening. I'm going to go sleep and wake up happy.

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  1. =[ ... x
    It will be better, just need time.
    Im a clock ... tick tock