Saturday, 11 April 2009

Planes and Trains and Cars.

Today was pretty bollocks. No. Pretty bollocks is the understatement of the century.
Today was

I had work. Which I really wasn't in the mood for concidering I got up half an hour late, got ready in 15 minutes and was still half asleep by the time I eventually got to work, not to mention I had to share the car with a bike.
Then work was pretty much a pile of shite, scuse my french. I felt sick and faint all day, plus my back problems are getting ridiculous now. I can barely move. But hopefully I'l be seeing the osteopath soon to get cracked back into shape! Oh and did I mention I have a stalker?

He needs to take the hint. I'm not interested.

Thankyou to Luke for keeping me sane today.
Thankyou to Josie and Posie for keeping me awake today.
Thankyou to mum for making curry.
Thankyou to Pachelbel for writing such a fucking good canon.

I'm going to Grove tomorrow. Spoon wants to show me where he grew up. I'm well excited!

I hope my heart and my head begin to agree on things soon. I'm getting so tired of being sad.

I miss not having a care in the world. Not having to think about the future.

don't go to Liverpool next year. I can't lose you too.

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  1. Lucky :P
    I need me a stalker.

    Cheer up Hattieeeeee