Thursday, 23 April 2009

We do not heed your dismal sound for joy reigns everywhere around

Being at the PlayHouse the past few days doinf follow spot for OYMT's production of Fiddler on the Roof has got me really nostalgic about my past years there. I can't stop thinking about all the good times I've had there! And listening to all the soundtracks!

Hot Mikado: fucking brilliant show, my first proper show and it was at the PlayHouse! Met a bunch of amazing people, and although I was just a chorus member with like.. one like it was still so amazing. The lights, the applause, the costumes from primark!!

Les Miserables: A completely different experience, double the cast members, half the theatre space! Being able to sing such amazing music with people I love was a privelage!

Next year... WHO KNOWS!

Today was pretty good to be honest. Had college for a few hours and got to go over my song which made me happy, then went to the New Theatre to see English National Ballet do Manon, after doing our ballet workshop yesterday. It was... well... stunning to be honest. It was so beautifuly and exquisitely done I was in awe. They make it look so easy...
And they're all so beautifulo and all the guys have AMAZING bums. so toned... *drool*

Then went around town with Big Spoon for a bit and bumped into some proper random blasts from the past! TASHA MY ASIAN BABE!!! <3>

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