Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Just Move On UP

Do you ever find when you use the computer your mouse hand gets really cold whilst your other hand doesn't? I do. Maybe I'm just weird like that.

I have decided today that from now on I am going to only think possitively. This probably wont last long... oh wait that's not possitive thinking is it! This will last for AGES :)

I apologise for lack of bloggage yesterday, I shall explain.

Yesterday was pretty good tbh :) I woke up at about 12 to discover a txt on my phone from Big Spoon telling me he'd laowed work and that he wanted to take me out for lunch so that made me well happy! We went to Kerri's pub and I had the most massive yorkshire pudding known to man. We then took a stroll down to Abbey Meadows and sat by the river and ate icecream and I had BLUE SAUCE on mine :) Blue is the BEST flavour of sauce. I am well well well greatful to my wonderful Spoon for this as he knew I was not going to be having a good day yesterday what with thinking about a certain person's birthday and him cheering me up was very very lovely :)

Oh and did I mention I love having my music on shuffle? "OH WHAT A NIIIIIIIIGHT"
I miss Rock Show. And Dance Show.

I had work today :( I had to carry a massive 2 kilo bag of Jasmine Tea down to some random chinese place on Hythe Bridge Street which is like... AGES away from where I work. But after work I got to have tea and cake with lovely Emmakins and Abikins which was pretty wonderful. I love those girls.
We had chats. and LOTS of tea. It was good.

I miss Zoetwin :( We are well not twinny enough anymore and it sucks.

I'm feeling pretty creative at the moment. I've designed my tattoo finally, well one of them atleast. And i've started writing again which makes me feel good. There's no better way to express one's self than through the written word. Oh and drawing. I've been drawing alot recently too. Who knows, if you're lucky I might post something up! Only joking i'm not that good! I'm so bummed I've lost my year 11 art book. There's some actual good work in there! And lots of naked boobies ;) ... don't ask... hahaha

God i've written alot havn't I?

One last mention then I'm off,

All my love to Alex Gibbons. Possibly one of the best boys in the world. Chin up chicken. I can't imagine life without my Shmalex :)

Adios amigos, till next time xx

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  1. Sad times, Hattietwin. Veerrryy sad times.
    I miss you dearly, more than a lot f people tbh.

    Blue is the best flavour sauce! I'm glad someone agrees. :D

    I LOVE YOU MUCHLY! You are my one and only twinny. :) <3