Sunday, 19 April 2009

My heart is stone, and still it trembles

Theres is nothing on earth that we share, it is either Val Jean or Javert.

*insert names as appropriate*

I didn't blog yesterday, and my blog today was a little bit of a rant. So here's a proper blog!

Yesterday was a good day. A very good day!!

Me and Emkins and Tom went in to wonderful Oxford town and went shopping for costume for next week, and then went for tea, and then stalked abi for a bit. It was well fun :) Me and Emma bought waistcoats and hotpants and tights. Well... Emma didn't actually pay for her waistcoat! Silly lady in Primark!
I then went home and proceeded to make myself look pretty for "the date!" And then made my way to meet Luke. We went to a really lovely rustic pub/restaurant that was all bare wood and old beams and candles. It was so nice! We had steak and I had creme brulee and an espresso, I felt well grown up! We then went back to Big Spoon's humble abode and watched Bill Bayley's dvd which is HILARIOUS.
I did fuck all today apart from listen to Luke play guitar, watch T4, sleep and eat lots of chocolate. It was amazing. He is amazing. He's kept me sane these past few months.

Oh btw, Did I mention I love Zoetwin??
She's pretty awsome and I love her lots and she makes me very very happy and i couldn't ask

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