Saturday, 11 July 2009

We live on front porches and swing life away

If love is a labour I'll slave till the end...

Not had the best week to be perfectly honest with you.
I've been lonely.
And angry.
And cold. In a literal sense. My house is fucking freezing at the moment.

I've cried far too much this week. It's not good for me.

Today at work was probably on of the most boring and tiring days of my life. I didn't have time for a lunch break because we were that fucking busy, what with Ben being off work with ACTUAL swine flu and Josie being in London.
So me, Nicky and Posie soldiered on for the day with too many customers and not enough time to sit down.

Ah well. I'm going to watch the Harry Potter behind the scenes thing in half an hour then go do some painting. Maybe that'l cheer me up...

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