Monday, 20 July 2009

Scattered poloroids and sprinkled words

What a weekend!! It's been the most fun i've had in a pretty long time.

Left work early on saturday and got the train to Didcot. It was SO much simpler than getting a bus that would have taken an hour. It took 12 minutes! I am definately going to get trains more often.

Anyway, got to didcot and met Luke, before heading back to his house to get ready for his mums birthday party. I was so nervous about meeting the rest of the family who I don't know, like aunties and uncles and stuff, but it turned out to be a pretty brilliant night. It was really good getting to know everyone and I'm like... officially a part of the family now. I was also introduced to a coctail called a Green Frog by Jo. They're pretty yummy. They taste like dolly mix.

Sunday was pretty fun aswell. Luke, Robyn and I watched the first 4 Harry Potter films one after the other over the space of about 9 hours whilst vegging out and stuffing ourselves with party left overs, cold potatoes and lots and lots of salad cream. We were thinking about going to the pub, but we were obviously FAR too busy being cool.

Then today. That kind of ruined it. I had to get up for work at 7 and then had a pretty massively crap day. Stupid post office lady. Grr.

Now I am chillaxing watching friends and waiting for my dinner.

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