Tuesday, 23 June 2009

There's more weight on your chest than you like to admit...

It's been an interesting few days to say the least! And I havn't written a long blog for a while so I hope you can keep up with my ramblings:

Lets start with friday,

Friday was the ball, which was both incredible and incredibly sad at the same time. I had an amazing afternoon with my girlies Abi, Emma and Crabs and we got ready together and drank lots of champagne and wine and giggled and I became official hair person and did everyones hair... apart from mine which Abi did, (she did an amazing job). We then proceeded to set off for the ball and when we got there we had some lovely professional photos taken, I really want to see them! I hope they look good.
Then came the dancing, drinking and crying. Was a good night. I got some things off my chest, as did a few other people and I had some nice talks with people including a hilarious one with Nickely... which will remain between me and Nickely!!

Saturday: Ah saturday, I woke up at 12, only to realise I had to catch a bus at half past to meet Francine in town. So I dragged myself out of bed and made my way in. Met Francine after work and went to boots for meal deals. OMG stupid moustache woman broke my advantage card which had like... SO many points on it which I have now lost. Bitch. You work in Boots. BUY SOME HAIR REMOVAL CREAM FOR YOUR FACE.
Anyway, we then went and sat in Christchurch for a few hours and had a massive chat about pretty much everything college/school related which was awesome. Francine then decided she really wanted a Crepe so we trecked back into town to the little Crepe thingy next to New Look... only to discover... it had disapeared!! So we walked round town in the pissing rain looking for another place that sold them and bumped into Ross and Zoe. I was then spammed by Ross. Again. haha!
We then decided to laow crepes and went to Thorntons in the Westgate which has a cafe in it and had MASSIVE waffles and chocolate sundaes which were awesome. AND THEN we went and sat on the ramp round the back of sainsburies for another few hours and chatted some more. Got home about half six and settled down to watch Robin Hood.and that was my saturday!

Sunday: 5 episodes of Desperate Houswives in bed, then Luke's house fun times, Then The Pub fun times, then more Luke's house fun times.

Monday: Went out trecking around Didcot in the blistering heat to find Luke a new job. We were quitre successful and found a few options. and didn't pay for our printing at the library... REBELS! Then back to Luke's for stirfry and BOLT! possibly the cutest animated dog ever. Then Wimbledon. Then a programme about Gang Rape (yes... odd I know) then Snatch, "bonjour!", then bed.

And here we are. Present day. sat listening to Wicked and my tummy rumbling, so I think it's time to go find something to munch on, but first, here's a few mentions for all the people who've made me feel special over the past few days:

Luke You really are the most amazing person i've ever had the pleasure to know. You've been so brilliant to me and you're the most incredible boyfriend. You make me feel lucky as I can be :)

Abi I love my disney voice so much and I'm so glad you're happy. You're one of my best friends and I love you.

Emma C what can I say? You give the best hugs and I know you're always there for me and always honest and supportive.

Bradderz I know you don't REALLY have crabs :) You make me smile and laugh and i love spending time with you

Zoe 4 words. Martini. Bikini. My nuts.
That is all. :D

Ross You will have another mars bar soon I promise :) but only if you stop spamming me!!

Ruth I'm glad we're good again :)

I think that's everyone? I hope so. <3 to you all.

Hattie out x


  1. Kids love my nuts, & I know you're one of them.

    "Oh, this? Oh, it's just my package. God sent it, I signed for it.."



  2. "It's just my package" Looks nonplussed yet slightly smug....