Sunday, 7 June 2009

The old me's dead and gone.

First of all, even with all the current shit escalating at college, Me, Emma, Alex and Luke had a bloody brilliant time at the polo yesterday. So that just goes to prove, people can sort their problems out.
Secondly, speaking of the current shit escalating at college, on ALL parts, in ALL arguments, I am not getting involved. I have a strict, only disliking people if they hurt me personally policy. And as none of you have hurt me, atleast not for a while, I wont be turning against anyone. Or taking sides. That doesn't mean I will be taken advantage of. And it doesn't mean I don't hate what's going on. Because I do. I think you're all cowards. But you're my friends. So sort it out. Before anyone else gets hurt.

On happier topics, the Polo yesterday was very good, alot better than any of us were expecting I think. concidering the weather conditions, and the fact we all felt very poor! I did come away with a pair of socks and a pair of knickers though... and a very light purse! Basically all Emma, Luke, Alex and I did was get very drunk and sit around not really doing much apart from checking out the bad fake tans and bad fake blondes. It was a good laugh!
Got back to Luke's from the polo at about 10ish and had possibly one of the best hot chocolates ever before snuggling up and going to bed. It was a generally lovely day, shame about the College thing in Abingdon in the morning kind of putting everyone in bad moods. But ah well. It turned out good in the end :)

I don't want any more competition. How many battles must I win before I finally win the war.

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