Saturday, 13 June 2009

Don't look back because this road is all you'll ever have.

It's been a long, emotionally draining week for a few reasons.

1. Kiss me Kate. I would just like to say well fucking done second years. At the moment I really can't imagine life without you. You all deserve DDD because you're all amazing. Good luck to where ever you end up and whatever you end up doing.
2. I've been having shit crazy mood swings all this week. Angry/sad/happy/excited/exhausted/rebelious/paranoid/too many other things. And they've made me say and do some things I wouldn't usually say or do. And I just want it to be better now. I want us to be better now. I love you.
3. every girl on the planet will agree with me here. I hate periods.
4. I really did not want to work today. I swear the heat makes everyone go loony. Some of the customers I had today I actually could have punched.

But apart from that, I'm ok!

I know you're not going anywhere. And this summer is going to be amazing. And no matter what anyone says or tries to spread, it's you and me for the long run.

so suck. on. that. bitch.

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