Monday, 15 June 2009

I know that nobody's perfect...

What can I say? I've shot my mouth off again
and the words come racing down the barrel of a gun
and it's ink that's leaking from the papercut on my thumb.
But given the choice, i'd say it all again
just to see your faces and looks of distain.
And to get your attention, here's my latest trick:
"You're bitter and twisted and you all make me sick"
So show me both your faces, Janus, I know you've more than one
and i'll aim for them both down the barrel of my gun.
So that when i've finished shooting, and my words like bullets fly
it'll be YOUR blood staining pages, and MY ink's allowed to dry.


  1. i really like the last couplet :)

  2. best thing you ever wrote :)

  3. Thankyou my two favouritest lyricists ever :) Your praise is the most important to me. I love you booooooooooth xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I really like it :)
    Seems rather angry though :P letting something off your chest by the looks of it :)