Sunday, 16 August 2009

"Love, Love of mine...

Won't you lay by my side?
Rest your weary eyes
Before we're out of time...
Give me one last kiss
For soon, such distance will stretch
between our lips..."

I had a dream last night where you didn't exist.

Sometimes it's easier to lie to the people you love isn't it?

You're asked a question,

and you know the answer they want to hear... and being a girl, it's never what you're really thinking, so it's so much easier just to tell them what they want to hear, rather than to say what's really on your mind. So much easier to hear "oh ok then" instead of "Why?" and "What have I done wrong?" And "You have no reason to think like this"
Sometimes it's easier just to bend the truth...

Even if it does leave your real feelings punching the inside of your lips trying to break loose and wreak their havoc upon the world.

So No. I'm not ok.
I'm practically tearing my own hair out.
But what's the point in saying anything?

"I'm still going to do it if I want to. I'm sorry that's just the way am"

That's the answer I always get.

Broken Record. Broken Record. Broken Record.

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