Monday, 28 December 2009

Little over due...

I suppose I should write about my christmas then...

Lets start off with Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve: I was working today, from 9 till 3, it was pretty fun actually. We got given loads of free stuff from the other shops in the market including lots of chocolate and a WHOLe cake from the cake shop... which was pretty epic... gotta love cake... we were then supplied with 2 bottles of champagne from James and John (my bosses) which got drunk in about... hmm.. 10 minutes! Josie and Molly were both working which was fun because I miss having them around now they're off at Uni learning things and being clever. At the end of the day we were handed our big bags of free chocolatey goodies and our christmas presents and off we popped home... Well... me and little Rosie went to sainsburies... and guess what... my wallet got stolen... with my christmas bonus in it... yep. £80 gone. Plus my ID and cards and everything. Not good times.
Anyway, off home and got everything ready for christmas day, including finishing off my wrapping etc. Luke came over about 6 and we decided to open one present each... well... i pursuaded him that we should. So he produces this little black and gold box... I open it... it's only an effing IPOD! A lovely brand new PURPLe ipod nano, with video camera and radio and all that shiz. I then give him his early present... it's shoes... I feel a little like an anti climax!! Ah well, they're Fred Perry and he loves them... anyway, Luke scoots off home and I settle down in bed ready for....

Christmas Day: Wake up at about half 9 and get ready to go visit my aunties and nana. Leave about half 11, late as per usual! We eat nibbles and drink bubbly and open some presents.

So far i have:

the ipod, a pair of GORGEOUS Leather boots from my Nana, some topshop and cult clothing vouchers from various aunties, a lovely Urban Decay lipgloss, some chocolate, som gloves, socks and a fluffy soft toy bunny rabbit hiding inside one of the boots "It just called out to me" says Nana. Yeah nan... course it did ;)

Anyway, about 1 we drive home, mum's making the lunch and all. We stick in the spuds and decide to go up to the pub for a bit. The land lady gives us some beer for me because all we had at home was wine, plus some lemonade because i don't like wine on it's own. We get home about 3, the food is almost done so we slob about for a bit. Lunch is at 4... a little late but SO yummy it doesn't matter!!

After lunch we open the rest of our presents,

A SuperDry leather jacket, cd, dvds, SPACE HOPPER, chocolate, the Stephenie Meyer book that ISNT Twilight, perfume plus much more i can't remember now from luke.
A new military style coat from my mum and dad, plus more dvd's, chocolate, some BedHead stuff and various other small things,
Some well cool false eyelashes from my cousin, a new monologue book from my auntie, vouchers from my sister, Luke's mum and Grandparents um... I can't remember anything else...

Then rang Luke to say thankyou for said items, then sat down with a whole tin of Roses to watch Doctor Who. I LOVE DAVID TENNANT. More telly watching, started uploading things onto my Ipod after downloading new Itunes which took an AGE then off to Lukes to spend the night before going to see his family on...

Boxing Day: Today consisted of Me, Luke, Luke's parents, Chaz and Robyn (brother and sister) Jo (Chaz's GF) Joel (Luke's cousin) Jan and Oliver (Auntie and Uncle) and His Grandparents.
We ate ALOT of food, drank alot and played lots of Uno and Wii fit and Wii sport and Mario Kart. Watching older people playing the hula hoop game on wii fit is actually hilarious. I love Luke's family. Even if they do call me Ginge.
Then went back to Luke's, and to bed! We were so knackered.

And that was my christmas!

Sorry for the ramble!

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