Saturday, 5 December 2009


Considering it's been 10 days since my last blog I figured I should write something.

It's been a pretty long 10 days. We've been rehearsing non stop for Cyrano. I actually think the show is going to be adequate... instead of shockingly bad. So that's a plus I suppose. We got to go on the set for the first time this week which was really good and it's an amazing set! Well done to all the techies because they've done a fabulous job.

On wednesday I went to london with college for an "Alternative Careers Fair" which is basically a way of discovering careers in performing arts which don't involve performing... it was pretty pointless... I did get to talk to a crazy woman who does scenic painting. She was pretty cool. A proper london accent and crazy red hair. She kept going on about her favourite paint brush!

But yeah... apart from that... pretty pointless.

Today I had work. It was long. And tiring. And just... long. I need an early night. I'm convinced I've got an annurism or something because I keep getting headaches in really specific parts of my head. It's a little scary. So yeah, work wasn't too fun today. Especially because once again I didn't get a break, once again. That's got to be illegal.

Work again tomorrow, so X Factor then bed I think. Oh and talking to Luke for a bit. I've been a shit girlfriend recently.

Scratch that. I'm a shit girlfriend in general.

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