Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sing For The Moment...

Just got in from my second day of work. I don't usually work on sundays, but as it's getting near to chrustmas now we're open from 10 till 4. We didn't really make alot of money today, as hardly anyone realised we were actually open... but I managed to create a whole window display and put out a load of stock that was taking up space in the back room so that was good. It was a better day than yesterday. Yesterday was non stop. I mean it. Non stop. I worked from 9 till 5 with no break and no food and no chance to sit down. Every cup of tea I made went cold before it could be drunk.

Today was nice, me and Posie had nice chats and I got a lift to and from work so no nasty crowded busses for me :)

And now I'm sat here warming my toes on the radiator before I go and have a shower and tidy my room ready for Luke coming round. Once again I don't think we'l be pubbing tonight :(
I don't really mind because I'm knackered and we have alot of chocolate and X factor to catch up on!

I'm excited to see Him and without having stage light glare in my eyes!

Oh look, I'm little Red Riding Hood! x

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