Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Little Lion Man...

Helllllooooo fellow Bloggerians!

Sorry it's been so long, I've been doing... well not much to be honest. Alot of procrastinating. Alot of moaning. Alot of doing nothing.

I've got a show next week, my first college show of the year. I can't believe it's been 2 months already. Time really does fly when you're at college. The show's called Kings Of Broadway and it's basically just a shit load of songs from musicals. It's going to be good :)

Although I fear I shall never get "Into the woods to Grandmothers house" out of my head...

Then in about 4 weeks we've got our Christmas Show, Cyrano De Bergerac. We saw our set and costume mock ups today, it's going to be visually amazing, shame about the actual play being a big ol' pile of shite. AH WELL

what else has been going on in my life... *ponders*

Well apart from dance assessment, UCAS, applications, open days, college deadlines, line learning, personal statements, references, song learning, costume making, blocking, ALOT of cycling, working, the occasional party and a serious lack of sleep... not much to be honest!

Shall blog more soon, probably about my new found love for Mumford and Sons...



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