Thursday, 21 May 2009

You can't play on broken strings...

First of all I'd like to apologise for my lack of coherent blogs recently. I've not really been in a sit down and write sort of mood, so here goes!

Where to begin?
How about the weekend?

Well, on saturday I had work, as per usual and spent most of the day not doing much to be honest! I fancied a lazy day so I hid in the back room most of the day to avoid annoying customers...
On sunday I went to see my wonderful Luke :) I was meant to be helping him learn his Kiss Me Kate lines.............. yeah........... cough
What about monday? Well on monday I didn't have college, so basically just mooched around the house and didn't do much.
Tuesday was just general college lolz, I got a D for my presentation so I'm really fucking happy :) For those of you who are currently thinking WTF? a D is terrible... in National Diploma marks go Pass, Merit, Distinction... so a D is actually the best thing there is! After college I stayed with my lovely again and we watched an AMAZING film called Man on Fire with Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning. It's all about this guy who becomes a body guard to a little girl in Mexico and she gets kidnapped and he goes on a massive revenge kick and kills everyone. I cried... it's that sad :(
College again on wednesday with INFLATABLE FUN DAY!!! basically, they set up a bouncy castle and a bucking bronko that was actually a sheep and an inflatable assault course. It was lots and lots of inflatable fun. Me and Kerri then proceeded to wait around college for 2 hours for Hoodless and Luke and we had lots of good chats and I rather love that girl. I am Kerri's surrogate mother because I give her money and marmite sandwiches :)
Wednesday evening Me, Luke and Daddy Spoon went to the Ladygrove for candymania and quiz fun times. We ate lots of icecream and failed at the quiz and I got a little bit drunk........ cough

And here I am. I got a little bit bored today so I actually put some effort into my costume construction homework and drew pictures and everything! I better get a good mark. If i don't Tony will PAAAAAAAAAY! hahaha

I think i'm going to go punch something because a certain someone is getting on my nerves. Grr.

Love to everyone else though :) xxxxxx


  1. Denzel Washington kicks ASS in man on fire :D


  2. He fucking does doesn't he? being killed with an arse bomb... fucking GUTTED MATE!