Thursday, 7 January 2010

It's been a while...

I apologise for lack of postage. Been a busy bee!!

Well... not really but yeah...

Had a nice weekend, well. I say nice... I went to my Granny's memorial service on saturday, which was basically the funeral without the body. It was really lovely and loads of people showed up. It was absolutely fucking freezing because the church had no heating, but it really was nice to hear stories about her life, I even spoke myself!

Sunday was also lovely, Luke came over and we watched Merry Madagascar which was AMAZING and Marley and Me... I cried... but i think considering the emotionalness of saturday i'm allowed!

Then monday we slobbed about and watched Doctor Who because Luke hadn't seen it yet.

Tuesday we went to Oxford to attempt to spend vouchers and to exchange my jacket for one which wasn't BROKEN... just as we left Oxford and got on the train... it began to snow... I'm sure you know the rest! It was a pretty epic drive back to my house from Didcot in the blizzard in the dark after a pub meal with Luke's dad It took us nearly an hour to get to Abingdon from Didcot!

Wednesday and thursday consisted of doing college work, what with being stranded in the snow! Me and Chris went sledging on wednesday... it was epic... We also had a pretty amazing snow ball fight with bin lids for sheilds. I won. He face planted in my garden!

Anyhoo, another day off tomorrow so i'm going to go make hot chocolate and do some monologue searching!

toodle pip x

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