Thursday, 22 October 2009

Some day I'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me...

The song makes me happy. I think Luke should start playing his Ukelele again.

It's been a slow week. It's been nice though. Sunday night at the pub was nice, loads of people showed up as it was Bradbury's birthday, I don't think anyone actually did Karaoke though... haha
Then monday I was pretty ill so I didn't go to college and me and Luke stayed in bed all day and just did nothinhg! It was nice. We just snuggled and relaxed. I feel like we don't have enough time together at the moment. Maybe I'm just being silly...
I've been having a pretty low period at the moment. Wondering about people opinions of me. Especially a couple who don't really even know me but I'm scared they don't like me... just because of who i'm with or what I do or who my friends are. I wish people wern't like that.
Tuesday had college, then went to the flat and ate pizza and started to watch Coraline... but it scared me too much.
Wednesday, more college, then the pub again with Daddy Luke :) I had the most fucking huge yorkshire pudding you've ever seen. It was amazing.
Today? Well today I got up, dyed my hair (dark red incase you were wondering) and then chilled with Ross for the day. We watched Yes Man. Jim Carey is a god amongst men.
Now I don't really know what to do with myself. I should probably go to bed... but I don't want to.
I apologise for the mundaneness of this blog. I promise to be more interesting next time.. x

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