Sunday, 30 January 2011


I look in the mirror,
what do I see?
It's not my face staring back at me.
It's hers and yours and the rest in between,
the lies that you told
and the things that i've seen.
Filling my head and breaking my heart.
All the things I tried so hard to discard.

Never being number one
I've now come to expect.
But I never though you'd make me feel
like another face to reflect
in the mirror stood before me,
with the faces of the used,
belittled, fucked and ego bruised.

I know i'll never be her.
I thought I meant more than the rest.
The ones who meant nothing more
than heat to warm your bed.
Now tell me, do you see me?
When you stare into the glass?
Another nameless lover,
A new ghost for your past.

Or do i stand beside you?
And do I hold your hand?
How can I ever tell you?
How can you understand?
How it feels to love somebody
and to have none in return.
To know you're just a number
and that number's never One.

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