Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Years Eve

I simply don't get it.

It has become the epitome of everything I hate in our society.

I completely understand the pure form of new years, i.e. celebrating the coming New Year and new dawn and new start and all that business, and I understand wanting to welcome that with copious ammounts of alcohol if you so choose.

what I do NOT understand, is how it has become so completely commercialised that you cannot even go to your local pub without having to pay the price of up to £12 just to go through the door, therefore giving you less money to spend at the bar, and completely limiting your options on perhaps frequenting more than one establishment during the festivities. I mean, who's going to pay £12 to get in somewhere... then leave and pay £12 to get in somewhere else? It's madness.

Therefore this year I am 98% certain I shall be staying in and watching Jools Holland.

(the 2% is incase someone can sweet talk me into going out. It's not likely)

See you in 2011.
Or Saturday as I shall be calling it.


  1. Hi! The "Next Blog" Button sent me to you! LOVED this post- I definitely agree. Anyways, hope you're having a Happy New Year! -Aimee from Tampa, FL USA

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